48 Good ideas for Sergeant’s Time Training


Perfect classes for Sergeants Time Training   Warrior Battle Drills 2012 Multimedia Training is not current available for unlinked titles Task Number Title Training Location Sustainment Training Frequency Subject Area 16: (Battle Drills) React to Contact: 071-410-0002 React to Direct Fire While Mounted (Repeat) BCT/OSUT SA 071-COM-0513 Select Temporary Fighting Positions (Repeat) BCT/OSUT SA 071-100-0030 Engage Targets with an M16-Series […]

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New site for free Army Classes, MilitaryPPT

Free Army Power Point Classes site

For all the hooahs we added a new site where you can easily get some common military powerpoint classes, we call it MilitaryPPT.com. This new PowerpintRanger site will allow soldiers to surf to the site and grab a few common classes without any logins, passwords or any special features, just click on the file and download one of the .PPT […]

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Powerpoint is Evil

Well, according to Wired it is. Poor Powerpoint is the office tool people love to hate. Actaull, in a survey from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies Powerpoint was rated as #8 in the top 100 tools for learning. In the comments those who voted for Powerpoint stated: “most used, most abused, most versatile (even though most don’t know […]

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